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Archives for February 2016

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A House and A Home

The difference between a house and a home is monumental. A house is a structure where people and their possessions dwell. A home is an immaterial understanding, pervading attitude, and an altogether place of security and rest. A house is purchased with financial means. A home is established by work, forgiveness, kindness, love, and commitment. Seeing the difference between...

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The Gospel According to John

Starting this Sunday, February 7 a new preaching series begins at the Church at Martinsburg. We will begin an exposition of The Gospel According to John. When I became a Christian in 1996 I was instructed to read these 21 chapters before reading anything else. I was struck then, as now, at the simplicity of John's writing and at the same time the crystal clarity he deliver...

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Best Books of January 2016

At the beginning of each month I'm planning on sharing the two books I enjoyed the most from the previous month and why that's the case. It's obviously subjective and influenced by my tastes, desires, and circumstances. I've got two simple objectives. First, I want to be able to recommend helpful books that I'm learning from and being shaped by. Second, I want to encourage...

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The Good Samaritan

The world as we know it is changing. By "we" I mean our family and by "world" I mean healthcare. A couple months ago our family shifted away from traditional health insurance (think Blue Cross Blue Shield) and ventured in a new direction. ...

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