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Archives for February 2017

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Learning About Lent

Have you ever encountered a word that you can't quite figure out how to pronounce or what it actually means? Perhaps you've found yourself there recently. I can remember shortly after becoming a Christian being told about the meaning of Christmas and Easter. Talk about earth shattering. I'd come from a home where we celebrated Christmas with gifts, food, family, and fun!...

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Counseling the Counselor

Counseling is by definition "professional guidance in resolving personal conflicts and emotional problems." While that seems to be a rather daunting description of what I find myself doing on almost a daily basis it's actually quite accurate. One of the truths that's become abundantly clear for me in these years of helping people connect life and biblical truth is that I ...

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Good and Angry

Up until early 2017 if you asked me for some quick help dealing with anger issues I'd have recommended only one resource Uprooting Anger by Robert Jones. Jones provides an incredibly accessible resource to an epidemic in our culture, homes, and communities. Endorsements from well known biblical counselors make clear Uprooting Anger deserves to be, needs to be even, in the...

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Where Do Sermons Come From Anyway?

On any given week, pastors and preachers all over the world are working on messages, lectures, devotions, and lessons that will be delivered to congregations. Most traditionally these homilies are delivered on Sundays and are most often referred to as sermons. You may be asking yourself the question, "Where do sermons come from anyway?" Like a young child asking questions ...

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A House and a Home

The difference between a house and a home is monumental. A house is a structure where people and their possessions dwell. A home is an immaterial understanding, pervading attitude, and an altogether place of security and rest. A house is purchased with financial means. A home is established by work, forgiveness, kindness, love, and commitment. Seeing the difference between...

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Embrace Boredom, Memorize a Deck of Cards, and Quit Social Media

Embrace boredom. Memorize a deck of cards. Quit social media. What do you think when you read those statements? I know for me when I read them initially I was not only concerned I was resistant. How exactly do you embrace boredom? Isn't that a paradox? Seriously, memorize a deck of cards? I find myself at the stage in life where I incorrectly call my three kids by names ...

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Fostering Thoughts and Changing Lives

For the past 10 years my wife and I have been parents. We've been graced with a beautiful girl and two handsome boys. Right now all three of them are 10 and under so most days are filled with love, encouragement, repentance, coaching, and heavy doses of refereeing. If you're anything like us we often feel overwhelmed, falling short, and unqualified. Parenting has a way of ...

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Who's In Your Top 5?

A couple days ago as I finished reading the newspaper. Yes! Some of us actually still read a real newspaper. I noticed on the back page there were several lists which showed what was was trending in culture on that day. Most lists were generated from iTunes and pertained to entertainment. Looking intently I was able to see which movies were being purchased, which songs we...

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Sundays are for Celebrating

On February 5 I was able to witness 2 incredible events, but one will be told about through all of history and deep into eternity. Late into the evening I watched Tom Brady orchestrate the comeback of a lifetime. After a year of obstacles coupled with a long term illness being battled by his mother Brady led his team to overcome what appeared to be an insurmountable defici...

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