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Archives for August 2017

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Practice and Unstable Feelings

Simply, we can't arrive at knowing by doing. Biblical counselor, Carrie Mansfield states, "Feelings are unstable, change direction, and were never intended to lead us to truth or to fuel our actions." Truth ALONE is able to create faith, affections and joyful actions....

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Math According to Psalm 100

Mathematics teaches us the order of operation is critical to finding the right solution. The writer in Psalm 100 makes clear where we must start when it comes to truth, feelings, and behavior. Take a look at how the math works and see where your answers land....

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Deadly Expectations

Have you ever been in a relationship, a circumstance, a job, a situation where you had unrealistic expectations foisted upon you? A spouse that expects to much of you? Parents who demand grades, scores, and obedience at all costs? An employer whose demands are untethered from reality?...

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Made to Sing for Glory

Do you believe you were made for Global purposes? Do you believe God made you with a mind toward all nations knowing him through you? God made you for his glory, your joy, and for the nations. ...

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Faithful Fabric

Honor, Respect, and Glory. What do you think of when you hear those words?...

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A Statement from our Elders to the Church at Martinsburg and our Community

We likely have all heard the phrase "out of sight...out of mind." For many of us our exposure to the news cycle provides us with information that takes place to other people, other communities, and deals with other concerns. If we're not careful we read, listen, and observe with a distant eye, out of touch, and this leads us to live with an "out of sight....out of mind" me...

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Nomadic Sheep and a Faithful Shepherd

The twenty-third psalm portrays life as a pilgrimage, and in the final verse (6) the psalmist rightly comes to life’s goal, which is God’s house. Life can feel nomadic can't it? Sure we have a place we call home, but we all long for something more. Not necessarily bigger, but something more stable. No need of another addition, updating fixtures, remodeling kitchens, re...

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A Shepherd’s Look at Psalm 23

Phillip Keller was a shepherd for many years before becoming a pastor. The years as a shepherd provided him with unique insights into Psalm 23. He writes in A Shepherd's Look at Psalm 23 describes what can hinder sheep from getting rest....

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A Less Familiar Psalm 23

Do you remember the first time you walked into you a new environment (home, work, community, organization)? Do you remember the last time? Strange isn't it? Time, memories, experiences shape how we see things we so deeply love or loved. How about your marriage? The birth of your child? Hopes, dreams, desires now smashing into reality. Familiarity can be both friend and foe...

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