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Listen Closely

In this short but powerful phrase we stumble upon a conversation between God and Moses. At first glance one could think this is just a reminder that has been inserted in the event Moses had forgotten how important the conversation was. But upon further investigation you start to discover that God was rather adamant and particular about what he had spoken. While the entire ...

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The Dangerous Journey of Growth

You've started reading the Bible for growth and development and not simply for the acquisition of knowledge and information. You've taken the time to enter into a conversation with God (and others)…both talking and listening. The sparks of a vibrant life with Christ are beginning to break through. ...

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8 Ways to Get Ready for Easter 2016

Jesus is alive, and in a few days we'll celebrate the resurrection! Here are eight things you can do between now and then to get ready Easter Weekend:...

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Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

As we celebrate womanhood and motherhood today, I want you to know that you are loved, cared for, and incredibly valuable to the one who created you....

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Sundays are for Celebrating

On February 5 I was able to witness 2 incredible events, but one will be told about through all of history and deep into eternity. Late into the evening I watched Tom Brady orchestrate the comeback of a lifetime. After a year of obstacles coupled with a long term illness being battled by his mother Brady led his team to overcome what appeared to be an insurmountable defici...

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Counseling the Counselor

Counseling is by definition "professional guidance in resolving personal conflicts and emotional problems." While that seems to be a rather daunting description of what I find myself doing on almost a daily basis it's actually quite accurate. One of the truths that's become abundantly clear for me in these years of helping people connect life and biblical truth is that I ...

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Jesus is alive, and in a few days we’ll celebrate the resurrection!

Here are seven things you can do between now and then to get ready Easter Weekend: #1 Mark your calendar: Easter is on Sunday, April 16!The Church at Martinsburg will meet at 50 Monroe Street at 9:15am and 11am! All of the details are at #2 Remember Good Friday on April 14Before Jesus rose on a Sunday, he died on a Friday. At the Church at Martinsb...

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People Helping People Find and Follow Jesus

As part of our 8th anniversary celebration, Pastor Jacob's sermon focused on the mission of our church. This blog post is an excerpt from his sermon on Sunday, May 7, 2017. ...

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A Blessed Man and a Worthy Effort

George Müller lived from 1805 to 1898 and is famous for establishing numerous orphanages and relying on God for help in remarkable ways. Listen to his testimony about how and why to meditate on Scripture. ...

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Agassiz and the Fish

Earlier this year I was introduced to a professor from the 19th century. Louis Agassiz was an educator I'd venture to say most of us would be frustrated with. He was the founder of the Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology as well as a professor. Evidently, he was known for his simplicity and his willingness to lead (or force) students to be patience, look closely, and loo...

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