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Diary of a Formerly Wimpy Kid

One of the great challenges we all face is applying the biblical truth we hear and read about in our daily living. James, the little brother of Jesus, saw these challenges and wrote specifically to address these things. In five short chapters which will likely take you approximately 20 minutes to read we have more than just information, instruction, and encouragement. J...

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David’s Final Words - Psalm 145

David's last words in the book of Psalms ought to be our great aim. David's closing words don't simply drive us to praise God they point us to the worship of Jesus....

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The God of Wow

On Sunday as I began to pray as the sermon closed my prayer was shaped by a kids song that was written by Sovereign Grace Music. One of the pastors at the Church at Martinsburg introduced me to this song during the preparation process to deliver Psalm 145. The song has been encouraging and led me to worship the God of Wow! I hope it does the same for you....

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Taking God at His Word

From Psalm 119 we can see clearly what the Bible does. Below we have listed some of what the Bible does for us:...

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In AWE of God

Could there be a greater danger in the life of a Christian than living, loving, working, playing, and resting and losing the ability to see God in all things? The awareness of the need for awe?...

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Jesus and Psalm 119

As we look longer and more in depth at Psalm 119 we can see Jesus more and more clearly. Take a look with me today at how Jesus shows up in Psalm 119:...

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Agassiz and the Fish

Earlier this year I was introduced to a professor from the 19th century. Louis Agassiz was an educator I'd venture to say most of us would be frustrated with. He was the founder of the Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology as well as a professor. Evidently, he was known for his simplicity and his willingness to lead (or force) students to be patience, look closely, and loo...

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Practice and Unstable Feelings

Simply, we can't arrive at knowing by doing. Biblical counselor, Carrie Mansfield states, "Feelings are unstable, change direction, and were never intended to lead us to truth or to fuel our actions." Truth ALONE is able to create faith, affections and joyful actions....

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Math According to Psalm 100

Mathematics teaches us the order of operation is critical to finding the right solution. The writer in Psalm 100 makes clear where we must start when it comes to truth, feelings, and behavior. Take a look at how the math works and see where your answers land....

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Deadly Expectations

Have you ever been in a relationship, a circumstance, a job, a situation where you had unrealistic expectations foisted upon you? A spouse that expects to much of you? Parents who demand grades, scores, and obedience at all costs? An employer whose demands are untethered from reality?...

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