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Jesus is alive, and in a few days we’ll celebrate the resurrection!

Here are seven things you can do between now and then to get ready Easter Weekend: #1 Mark your calendar: Easter is on Sunday, April 16!The Church at Martinsburg will meet at 50 Monroe Street at 9:15am and 11am! All of the details are at #2 Remember Good Friday on April 14Before Jesus rose on a Sunday, he died on a Friday. At the Church at Martinsb...

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A Prayer for Lent - Week 5

Our Father in heaven, You are so good to us. Apart from Your goodness, we remain in darkness. In Your love and mercy, You sent Your Son to make a way for us. Jesus, You are the Way, the Truth, and the Life and we recognize that no one comes to the Father except through You. Because of the blood You shed for us, we have confidence to come to our Father through a new and li...

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A Prayer for Lent - Week 4

Our Father in heaven, You are life to us. You are our Creator and Sustainer. You are the Vinedresser and so faithful to care for us and tend to us. You are a righteous Judge and worthy of honor. As branches we submit to Your careful pruning of anything that does not glorify Your holy name. We thank You for grafting each one of Your children into Christ Jesus, the Vine. Je...

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A Prayer for Lent - Week 3

Our Father in Heaven, We worship You, God of our salvation. You are holy and righteous and we bow with full understanding that apart from Jesus, the Door, we are without hope. It is a narrow way and a door revealed by grace and opened in faith. And so we stand amazed at Your mercy toward us, Your children. For it is by Your grace that we are saved through faith so we stan...

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A Prayer for Lent - Week 2

Our Father in heaven, You are the Light of the world. You are our salvation. You dwell in unapproachable light, yet You have made a way in Jesus for us to approach You and we do so with joy today. We proclaim Your excellencies for You have called us out of darkness into Your marvelous light. You are awesome in all Your ways, full of grace and truth and justice and mercy. ...

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A Prayer for Lent - Week 1

Our Father in Heaven, You are the Bread of Life. We come to You longing for Your Presence and for Your pleasure. You are the Word and every word from Your mouth is truth. We delight to hear from You this day and every day. Your words are like honey to us and we treasure them more than our daily food. You are the joy and delight of our hearts, our greatest hope and our gre...

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A Weekly Schedule for Lent

As a church we will be reading, praying, and fasting together during the season of Lent. Below you will find a weekly schedule that includes reading for the week as well as suggested areas for fasting. Our daily rhythm will be reading reflection one day, prayer the next. On one day, you'll read a passage of Scripture and reflect on a specific aspect of it. On the next day...

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Learning About Lent

Have you ever encountered a word that you can't quite figure out how to pronounce or what it actually means? Perhaps you've found yourself there recently. I can remember shortly after becoming a Christian being told about the meaning of Christmas and Easter. Talk about earth shattering. I'd come from a home where we celebrated Christmas with gifts, food, family, and fun!...

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Counseling the Counselor

Counseling is by definition "professional guidance in resolving personal conflicts and emotional problems." While that seems to be a rather daunting description of what I find myself doing on almost a daily basis it's actually quite accurate. One of the truths that's become abundantly clear for me in these years of helping people connect life and biblical truth is that I ...

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Good and Angry

Up until early 2017 if you asked me for some quick help dealing with anger issues I'd have recommended only one resource Uprooting Anger by Robert Jones. Jones provides an incredibly accessible resource to an epidemic in our culture, homes, and communities. Endorsements from well known biblical counselors make clear Uprooting Anger deserves to be, needs to be even, in the...

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