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A Shepherd’s Look at Psalm 23

Phillip Keller was a shepherd for many years before becoming a pastor. The years as a shepherd provided him with unique insights into Psalm 23. He writes in  A Shepherd's Look at Psalm 23 describes what can hinder sheep from getting rest.

  1. Fear - not being certain of protection, care, and provision
  2. Friction - struggles with other sheep, bumping into others, fighting over insignificant things
  3. Flies - external challenges, distractions, focus on secondary issues....if unattended fatal
  4. Famine - no food, hunger, leads to anxiety, stress, and lack of rest

Doesn't this sound familiar to you? Fear, Friction, Flies, and Famine.

Stealing rest one sheep at a time. Green Pastures and Still Waters ... life may not feel like that, but keep in mind he's our shepherd and he's leading us to a destination we aren't currently in.

This momentary joy or difficulty isn't the stopping point. We must keep in mind that our perfect peace and place of ultimate rest isn’t here right now. The Shepherd is leading us to it day by day. We could say it this way, “Life is hard...we’re not home yet!”

This blog post corresponds with the sermon "Our Good Shepherd," from Pastor Jacob Atchley on August 6, 2017