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Diary of a Formerly Wimpy Kid

One of the great challenges we all face is applying the biblical truth we hear and read about in our daily living. James, the little brother of Jesus, saw these challenges and wrote specifically to address these things.

In five short chapters – which will likely take you approximately 20 minutes to read – we have more than just information, instruction, and encouragement. James masterfully displays the need for Jesus in every area of life and explains how legitimate faith will produce good works.

This letter was written to a Jewish population that was scattered across the Mediterranean region as a result of persecution. While penned centuries ago, it is relevant, helpful, and ever timely for each of us as we are seeking to help people find and follow Jesus.

The Letter of James is direct, hard-hitting, and succinct. We may be surprised to know that the writer, James, the little brother of Jesus, wasn’t always so courageous and so clear. Before he was bold he was a wimpy kid. His writings look up to his big brother, but earlier in life, he looked down on him. James received lots of grace for those earlier years and, in his later years, records the lessons he learned from his big brother, Jesus.

James is one of the most practical books in the Bible, tackling real-life issues and struggles that all of us face: temptation, self-control, work, anger, poverty, favoritism and more. One can’t help but see Jesus as James instructs disciples with truth that’s formed from both Proverbs and the Sermon on the Mount. No longer do we have a wimpy kid, but thankfully we still have his words.

Take 20 minutes over the next day or two and read the letter of James. Make sure to check out the resources we’ve made available at

This post corresponds with Pastor Jacob's sermon September 10 sermon "Just Like Jesus" from James 1:1.