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Family Worship 101

What do you think of when you hear the phrase Family Worship? I know for me personally I was intimidated by it for years. Thankfully with the help of some close friends and a few good books our family has been able to engage in Family Worship without fear, tears, or feelings of defeat.

Yesterday one of those friends shared a helpful resource with me and I want to pass it along to you...

On January 25 Crossway announced the launch of Family Worship 101 with Don Whitney, a free, 5-day email course created to help men and women lead their homes in family worship each and every day.

You can sign up to receive a short teaching video with Don Whitney delivered to your inbox each morning. Over the course of 5 days, Don will explain the 3 key components of family worship and share practical tips to help you actually make it happen on a daily basis.

The hope for this free email course is that it takes the mystery out of leading your loved ones in worshiping God together, resulting in a brand-new habit in the life of your family—for God's glory and your family's joy.

Sign up today

I hope you'll take time to check this resource out. It's short, clear, and immensely helpful! You can also see Whitney's other writings at the Center for Biblical Spirituality.