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From Pride to Humility

Recently, a friend recommended a booklet entitled From Pride to Humility by Stuart Scott for me to read. Initially, one could take a recommendation like that with concern, but I know this friend well and we are both working on various issues personally as well as prepping to care for and counsel others. 

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From Pride to Humility is a quick read...only 31 pages. Don't let its brevity fool you. This biblical exposition of pride and humility packs quite a punch. My initial intent was to read through with the care of others in mind. Shortly after starting to read I realized I needed this book for myself more than I needed it for anyone else. I spent the afternoon with the book, an open Bible, and a heart engaged in repentance. I even contacted a few individuals and asked them to forgive me for my pride and my self focus. 

Scott provides very clear definitions of both pride and humility. He states, "Pride is the mindset of self: a focus on self and the service of self, a pursuit of self-recognition and self-exhalation, and a desire to control and use all things for self." In contrast he defines humility as "The mindset of Christ: a focus on God and others, a pursuit of the recognition and exhalation of God, and a desire to glorify and please God in all things and by all things He has given." 

Additionally, Scott develops two lists which demonstrate the manifestations of pride and humility in a person's life. The lists are helpful, but even more than being helpful each list are challenging and convicting. It'll be difficult to walk away from the lists without some personal introspection, repentance, and growth. 

I highly encourage you to pick up a copy of From Pride to Humility. Make sure to check out Dr. Scott's other resources on his website. You can also follow him on twitter @StuartWScott.  

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