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Good Friday, March 30 - Jesus’ Trial and Death

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While Jesus and the disciples were praying in the garden, Judas arrived with an armed crowd, who arrested Jesus. They took Jesus to Caiaphas, the high priest, and to Pilate, the Roman governor. The crowd wanted Jesus to be crucified.

Pilate’s soldiers mocked Jesus by putting a robe on Him, a crown made of thorns on His head, and a reed in His hand. They spit on Him, beat Him, and led Him to Golgotha, where they crucified Him.

It became dark as night in the middle of the day. Jesus cried out to God, “Why have You forsaken Me?” Jesus cried out again; then He died.

Read Matthew 26:47-50; 27:1-45

The Point: Jesus Knew He Would Suffer In Order To Be Our Savior

Being teased or bullied is no fun at all. Maybe you have been teased before. In the Bible, the word that is used to describe teasing is “mock.” The Bible says that Jesus was mocked. Jesus was teased and bullied.

Jesus went through that and much worse when He died. A friend betrayed Him, and Jesus was arrested. He was beaten and mocked. Then He died on a cross alone. But, even though He knew what was coming, Jesus chose to go through all that. Why? He did it because He loves us so much, He wanted to save us. We never have to feel alone or unloved. His death shows us He loves us more than anyone can!


Dear God, thank You for loving us so much You sent Jesus. Thank You He understands our pain and, even though He knew what was coming, He chose to die for us. Amen