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In AWE of God

Could there be a greater danger in the life of a Christian than living, loving, working, playing, and resting and losing the ability to see God in all things? The awareness of the need for awe?

Awe simply means, "an emotion variously combining dread, veneration, and wonder that is inspired by authority or by the sacred or sublime."

It seems that David, with his most pointed words reminds us not of life, strength, ability to endure, or hope for tomorrow, rather simply fix your eyes on God and be stunned by him.

The AWE of God should:

  • be the reason I do what I do with my thoughts.
  • be the reason I desire what I desire.
  • be the reason I work the way I work in my place of employment.
  • be the reason I speak to my spouse the way I do.
  • be the reason I parent my children in the manner I do.
  • be the reason I give, save, spend, and handle my money the way I do.
  • be the reason I interact with my neighbors, family, and strangers the way I do.
  • be the reason I am aware of my sinfulness, mourn over it, repent from it, and celebrate forgiveness.
  • be the reason I am tender toward others who are trapped in sin.
  • be the reason I am compassion toward the weaknesses of others.
  • be the motivating reality over every domain of my existence.

Let us be clear we will be in awe of God or in awe of ourselves. Remember, our lives are never just shaped by our gifts, efforts, experiences, knowledge, and skill. Life is ALWAYS shaped by the condition of our hearts. This is why we must acknowledge that life is, as Paul Tripp states, one big GLORY WAR!