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Made to Sing for Glory

Do you believe you were made for Global purposes? Do you believe God made you with a mind toward all nations knowing him through you? God made you for his glory, your joy, and for the nations.

This reality can be catastrophic for us all. This is the complete re-framing of all of life. This means boats, money, home, leisure, education, vacation, retirement, entertainment, relationships, and vocation all must be pointed in this direction. We must realize what the Bible is saying here. You never go anywhere without a song again. You always, in every circumstance, have a song to sing, a glory to declare, and an invitation to deliver. You never go to work, go on a date, take a test, or do anything without your mind toward singing to God's Glory. All of life is to be lived for all of Christ.

This is either absurdity or an accurate picture of what life should be like. When life is framed around God's glory all we can do is worship, sing, declare, and invite others to do the same!

The poet in Psalm 96 completes his thought as he deconstructs all idols, points us back to Jesus, and directs us in the symphony of praise - telling us We Were Made To Sing For Glory.

"Made to Sing for Glory" corresponds with Pastor Jacob Atchley's sermon "Our International Anthem" from Psalm 96 on August 13, 2017.