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March 28 - Jesus Prayed in the Garden

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Jesus and His disciples celebrated the special feast called the Passover.

After the Passover feast, the disciples went out to a garden with Jesus. Jesus said each of them would leave Him. Peter promised he would never leave, but Jesus said, “Before you hear the rooster crow, you will deny me three times!”

Jesus prayed in the garden, but His disciples kept falling asleep. Soon, Judas arrived with soldiers who arrested Jesus! Jesus was taken to unfair trials. He was beaten and mocked.

Read Matthew 26:17-30

The Point: People Can Talk to God

I love to work in my yard. In the springtime, I get excited when it is time to plant flowers and trees. Have you ever planted flowers in your yard? They start out small, and then as the season moves into summer, they start blooming and become beautiful. Often, when I’m in my yard, I enjoy talking to God.

Jesus went to a garden and prayed to His Father in Heaven. Jesus knew prayer was important. Even though He knew He was about to be put to death, He still took time to talk to God. Take time to talk to God today. You can tell Him anything.


Dear God, thank You for loving me. Thank You for giving me a way to talk with You. You love me, and You sent Jesus to die on the cross for my sins. Thank You, God. Amen.