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People Helping People Find and Follow Jesus

This blog post is an excerpt from his sermon on Sunday, May 7, 2017.

A little over 2 years ago we moved into this space. After 6 fruitful years of nomadic rhythms God provided a place for our church to gather. As we began this new season on March 8, 2015 I asked the question, “When do I know, when does this church know, that we are successful at being a people helping people find and follow Jesus?”

On that day I gave the following answer. “I believe when we get to that place - when we find ourselves worshiping beyond Sundays, when we find ourselves with 2 a.m. friends, generously giving, serious about serving, when we have a top 5, when we are positioned to go - we will know we are approaching the place God has for us to be, a people helping people find and follow Jesus.”

It’s with great joy that we see evidence of grace all around us. We hear about families and groups worshiping beyond Sunday. We send messages and receive calls from friends both rejoicing and in need. We’re partnered together to give generously to our neighbors and the nations. We invest hundreds of hours serving one another and our communities. We’re filled with hope as we pray for and share the Gospel with our Top 5. We’re sending teams down the street and around the world!

You see we’re not just here to gather, assuage our spiritual conscience and insulate ourselves from the cultural woes, political pains, and personal difficulties this life has to offer. Jesus came to seek and save the lost. He came to serve and not be served. Simply, Jesus was sent to glorify God and redeem humanity.

We’ve said all along the Church at Martinsburg exists to glorify God and make disciples by reaching our community (and the world) by leveraging our generous, intentional, and compassionate congregation with a passion for the Gospel, relationships, and the Kingdom. Together we’re in the process of helping people find and follow Jesus!

Eight years ago there were so many questions and so few answers. It seems the years have passed and God’s presence has remained. There’s much we may not know, but the one we know is trustworthy and steadfast. Good questions reveal our passion and our direction. As we look ahead we should continue asking ourselves questions, which demonstrate our beliefs and commitments.

• Will we continue helping people find and follow Jesus?

• Will we continue to be a church that’s All About Jesus?

• Will we be a place where The Word Matters Here?

• Will we stay committed to a Big Picture Focus?

• Will we love one another while We’re All In Process?

• Will we labor together to see our church become a place of extraordinary prayer?

• Will we remain steadfast in our desire to see our church be a birthplace of hope?

• Will we hold fast to an unwavering commitment to fostering a culture of discipling and being a place of sending for the sake of the nations?

• Will we leave a legacy of faith for the church we will be in the years to come?

It is our hope that the next season of life and ministry for The Church at Martinsburg be marked by a love for Jesus, a steadfast commitment to the Bible, and a deep hope that our greatest days aren’t behind us, but ahead of us!

I love you Church at Martinsburg. Serving you and being a part of this family has been one of the greatest joys of my life.

Listen to the complete sermon here