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Secure - Certainties from I John

This coming Sunday, 4/6, we're kicking off a new preaching series Secure - Certainties from I John.  Several of the pastoral interns have worked hard and are providing a gift to the church in the form of a Study Guide for the series. I'd love for you to grab a copy and begin reading through it as well as the book of I John in preparation for the sermons in the coming weeks. 

I have deep admiration for the Apostle John. During this letter he's writing with a pastor's heart to a church he cared deeply for in the midst of difficulty and challenges to their faith. I, like John, want to be a good shepherd by caring for and serving faithfully through preaching the Scriptures to our faith family. I'd ask that you pray for me and for our church as we prepare for this series. 

There are many themes that we will discusss together as we walk verse by verse through I John. One of the most important that we will see over and over is our need to walk in the light. We'll hear about walking in the light frequently during our time together. I'm looking forward to seeing you as we journey together.

Whether you're certain of your faith or you have questions, I want to invite you to come along with me as we experience Secure - Certainties from I John.

See you Sunday!

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