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Who's In Your Top 5?

A couple days ago as I finished reading the newspaper. Yes! Some of us actually still read a real newspaper. I noticed on the back page there were several lists which showed what was was trending in culture on that day.

Most lists were generated from iTunes and pertained to entertainment. Looking intently I was able to see which movies were being purchased, which songs were being listened to, and which articles were being read. Essentially, the back page of the paper was showing those of us who made it that far what’s hot in the culture. I’m not sure what it says about me that I haven’t just watched, but I own the most purchased movie on iTunes for that day. If you really care to know it’s Trolls. I didn’t come to write about the movie as much as I did it’s placement…at the top.

The movie stood atop a list of movies. In fact it was the top of 5 movies. Truth be told, when I looked at the list I was inclined to at some point watch all 5 movies. Instantly, seeing the list helped me remember previews and scenes that I’d been exposed to prior to that moment. It’s actually that last sentence which compels me to write today.

A few days ago one of the pastors at our church, AJ Roberts, delivered a stellar message on the importance of sharing the good news. Actually, sharing was a point of application. The message was a bit broader in its scope. As we listened to AJ we were exposed to God’s desire to invite all into one incredible banquet. I, along with the others with me, were made aware of the unfortunate news that not everyone will respond to an invitation, but many will! Some of AJ’s most stirring encouragement focused on our personal responsibility to spread the word, share the news, and give the invitation.

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Some of the most difficult work of preparing and delivering sermons resides in the work of application. Pastor AJ nailed it by introducing us to what the Church at Martinsburg calls our TOP 5.

The TOP 5 is an idea.

The TOP 5 a hope.

The TOP 5 a prayer.

The TOP 5 is our way of regularly asking ourselves and each other, “Who are the TOP 5 people in your life that don’t know the hope of the Gospel?”

We believe when Jesus called us to follow him he also called us to call others to follow him. That’s why we’re a people helping people find and follow Jesus.

This idea moved from ethereal to actual when we were given a 2x2 card where we could write down names that answer the question. For some we had 5 names ready to go. For others we had to think about who we should put. For some we had to mourn over our apathy toward those without Jesus. For all we were given a bold reminder of our calling, our responsibility, and our hope.

These days I’m gladly taking my Top 5 card with me just about everywhere I go. You may ask who’s on my list? Well, how about this? Someone older than me, someone younger than me, someone difficult to reach, someone who’s family, and someone like Zacchaeus. If the Zacchaeus reference is lost on you check out Luke 19. Would you join me in praying for my Top 5? I’ll be sure to pray for yours as well.

If you’re interested in getting a Top 5 card feel free to email or pick one up on a Sunday soon!

Here’s to helping people find and follow Jesus one Top 5 slot at a time!