Join us Sundays at 9:15 a.m. & 11:00 a.m.

50 Monroe St., Martinsburg, WV


Why 50 Monroe?

On March 8, the Church at Martinsburg began meeting at 50 Monroe Street in Martinsburg. This move was made after meeting in the Regal Cinemas on Foxcroft Avenue for close to 6 years. As preparations were made to meet at the facility several decisions were made that dealt with design, practice, and methodology. We wanted the space to help facilitate relationships, community, and hopefully life transformation.

One of the questions I've fielded over the last couple of weeks is "Why 50 Monroe"? If you've seen the new space the Church at Martinsburg recently moved into, you've noticed on the front of the facility we didn't opt for a sign with the church name, rather we used "50 Monroe". We haven't changed our name, our identity, or our direction. If anything we're hoping by applying the address to the front of the facility that we directly and indirectly reinforce the realization that the church isn't synonymous with the building.

Since the church started in 2009, people have been meeting, worshipping, praying, and working together to help others find and follow Jesus from any number of locations. That journey has helped galvanize a philosophy and methodology within us. We don't want to be identified primarily by the space where we meet. I'm certain there are many valuable benefits to having a more permanent presence in the community. One of things I want to make sure I'm doing is leading us to embody a missionary mentality and lifestyle. I'm not convinced we can accomplish that end by using the street address on the front of a building, but it is one small way to physically demonstrate a heart bent on being a people helping people find and follow Jesus.

Throughout the process of acquiring and renovating the space there have many who have worked to call the building 50 Monroe. What will take place in this building across the years is more than the corporate gathering of the church. It's our hope to see this space used not just by the Church at Martinsburg but by our people and our community for any number of opportunities.

I'm sure some will say we could've made it clearer and more defined and that what really belonged on the front of the facility was a series of big bold bright letters spelling "The Church at Martinsburg". Personally, I'd prefer for the name of the church and the God we stand for to walk right out the door and into the lives of family, friends, neighbors, and those far from God as the people who call this 'place' home live every day helping others find and follow Jesus.

Honored to carry the Name,

Pastor Jacob